Just buy Hosting, Get Free Domain and Free SSL Forever

Just buy Hosting, Get Free Domain and Free SSL Forever


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The Fundamentals of Web Hosting: Shared, VPS and Cloud Hosting

In this article we are going to deal with Fundamentals about the Web Hosting elements like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting. When deciding to host a website with a third party service provider, there are two types of hosting that can be considered: shared hosting and virtual private servers (VPS). Both these options have their own advantages and disadvantages which have to be considered while taking a decision.

#1. Shared Server Hosting

In this system, single server is shared by multiple websites and the server resources are limited for each website account. The biggest advantage is that it is less expensive. It is possible to offer this low price because more than one customer is allowed to use a server. To protect one customer’s information from another’s, file security is used. Set up fee for shared server is excluded from the costs and the costs only reflect the resources required by the website. Thus, it is an affordable solution for small websites.

The Disadvantages

Because of the presence of multiple accounts on a single shared server, certain limitations are imposed. The hard disk space, the bandwidth use and limited email accounts. Also, you cannot make any changes in the software of server as that would make it incompatible with websites hosted in the same server. Thus, it is best suited to small websites which have low traffic.

Free Website Hosting

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How To Choose A Best Hosting Company

This article will clear our doubts that which will stuck our mind while choosing the web hosting for our website/blog, this will guide you towards taking the correct decision as many of us get confused especially for Choosing a best Hosting Company. Every online thing need hosting, and its essential for all of us to get hosting for our sites to run online, but to get reliable and affordable hosting these days is pretty hard, because many companies simply promise that they will give you best services and support with affordable price but soon they are failed to do so. So, how can we just choose a best hosting which can handle every thing.

Main things to be considered while choosing the Hosting
  • Uptime.
  • Support.
  • Reliability.
  • Price.
  • Hosting Features

Chose Best Co-Location Web Hosting Plan

There are many people with intention to own their own sever for hosting their website. After all, it is hardware, which needs to be integrated and compatible with the hosting platform so that you can gain access to all the functions, which are available with the web hosting companies.

It is not all if you have your own sever then it has to be placed in an ideal environment where it should be away from dust, maintained temperature/humidity index and maintains the constant airflow to the server all the time.

As a owner of the sever you need to look after the safety of your sever in terms of damage, theft and vandalism. To get rid of all these potential threats to your sever you can opt for the colocation hosting service providers where all these matters are taken care of.

This is a facility, which keeps your server safe of all the threats every time in an environment favorable for the server ailments.
Web hosting tips for choosing best Co-Location web hosting plan
  • This is a facility which allows you to keep your own server in a facility which is favorable for your sever and where it will be connected to the internet for 24/7 hours via multiple high speed internet connections.
  • You will have to check out the plans and pricing these companies are offering, as with increased competition prices in this segment are also competitive.
  • Facilities such as fully private server rack with multiple connections to the internet with automatic backups and redundancy with all the time available technical support.
  • Look for the security measures taken by the co-location host servicing providing companies and the measures thy have undertaken in terms of emergencies like fire, flood and other natural calamities.